In order to be able to respond to your requests in the best way possible, please send us your requests 1-2 days before.

If you have already proceeded with your booking and your email requires immediate attention due to any emergency, please indicate in the subject field: URGENT.


Please provide your preferred service you would like us to confirm.

If you need to make CHANGES IN YOUR RESERVATION, please send us an email with your full name and the amendments you would like to make.

This is important so that your service information is correct in our system.


For arrival transfers to Athens Airport, you must provide your flight number, your full name and date of arrival. For arrival transfers to ports, please provide ferry’s name, full name and date of arrival.

We do not guarantee accuracy of service if you do not provide us with your correct flight number/ferry’s name.

If at the airport/port you are unable to spot your driver, please do NOT exit or leave the airport.

Send us an email marked as URGENT or use Viber or WhatsApp applications and we will help you locate your driver, or vice versa.


Your driver will arrive at the meeting point for your airport pick up at your scheduled flight arrival time, according to the flight information provided to us by the airport and/or airline.

Please note that in case the meeting point is crowded with other drivers or it is not possible for us to stand there, your driver will still be in the arrival hall holding a sign with your name.

Drivers are not permitted to wait for clients in restricted areas such as baggage claim.


Your driver will wait at the airport no more than 1 hour after your flight’s arrival, unless you contact us regarding airport or luggage delays within the first hour.

We will retain your driver longer than only 1 hour if we are promptly notified of any arrival changes.

If the driver is not notified within the first hour of the arrival time, he goes to information desk and makes an announcement with your name, so that you are notified that he is waiting for you. If we have no news from you, 20 minutes after the announcement, the driver is leaving the arrival hall.

We cannot guarantee car service if we do not hear from you within 1 hour of your flight’s arrival.


If your flight arrives unexpectedly much EARLIER than the originally scheduled arrival time you booked with us, you are kindly requested to wait for the originally scheduled pick up time. Of course, please let your driver know as soon as possible, as he/she may be able to be there earlier.

There are cafes available near the meeting point where you may enjoy a coffee or pastry while you wait.

We only guarantee service for the originally scheduled flight arrival time.


If your flight is cancelled, if you missed your flight or if you will be arriving with a different flight and at a different time or different terminal, please inform your driver as soon as possible so that he/she can adjust his/her schedule.

Failure to notify us of any delays may result in our inability to provide you with car service.


Any last minute addition to the number of passengers must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance so we can update your reservation and revise the new price of the tour. In order to comply with Greek Authorities and security, we can only transport the number of passengers declared in the reservation voucher we have to present when asked by security.


For any last minute change, e.g. pickup or arrival time, please inform us of the new information via email and include your full name on the reservation. If any change is urgent, please feel free to use Viber and WhatsApp applications.

To avoid miscommunication which will result in incorrect service, we don’t advise making changes through 3rd party persons.


The price of the tours includes professional vehicle with certificated licensed English speaking driver, Greece VAT tax, fuel, insurance, and parking fees.


Tour prices do not include entrance fees to monuments, museums, or any other sites visited, lunch or other personal expenses, except stated otherwise.

In case you need a specialized tourist guide to accompany us to our trip or tour you should mention it is charged extra.


Athens pick up accepts the following payment methods:

1. In Cash (Euro) for amount up to 200 euros at the end of the service. If you require an ATM machine, your driver will assist you locate one and ensure your safety.

2. Combination of 30% cash and 70% credit card at the end of the service (VISA, MasterCard & AMEX) for amount above 200 euros.

3.Transactions for 100% payment with credit cards has to be required in advance

Important Note: Every payment will be done at the delivery. Payment for Private licensed tour guide services can only be made in cash Euros at the end of the service.


Our vehicles are regularly maintained for optimal safety and performance.

By booking any services via this website you accept that vehicles are mechanical objects and subject to various unpredictable malfunctions that can happen unexpectedly during your service. At any unpredictable malfunctions or accident, all passengers are covered by the driver’s insurance.

At no time will you hold Athens Pick Up responsible or liable for any vehicle malfunctions mechanical or otherwise or issue public complaints for matters beyond our control.


Please be advised that legal speed on Greece’s highways/motorways may be higher than in many other countries.

The standard legal speed on Greek motorways is 120 km (80 miles per hour).

All speed limits are controlled via electronic systems.


If legal driving speed makes you feel uncomfortable, it is your obligation to inform your driver, and if it is safe to drive at a lower speed your driver will oblige.